Listing your skate deck

It practically takes a lovematch to connect the right buyer to a vintage skateboard deck. This service is a means of solving for that by simply connecting an already captive group of qualified buyers to your product.

Listing is simple and inexpensive

STEP 1: Visit and send $5 to:

STEP 2: Next e-mail me all your details such as pictures, copy, and contact details. I will take care of the rest!


• $5 per listing page, or 3 listing pages for $10
• Each listing is good for 6 months or until your item is sold
• Use up to 10 pictures, unlimited copy details, and text changes are free
• Any original skate item can be listed such as shirts and other rare things
• Sale of items are not done here, this service connects buyers to your merchandise & contact details

Benefits of listing your deck

• Captive audience of skateboard collectors and qualified buyers
• Over 35k page views per month on this website (all old school skaters)
• High quality exposure to your deck listing page - multiple links to this service
• All deck listing pages will have a high quality score in Google search
• Inexpensive! Buy Now option on eBay costs more and huge fees to pay if sold elsewhere (not here)

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