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Blair here, I've been collecting vintage skateboard stickers since 1988. I have a vast personal collection - around 350 - that I cherish and will never sell. I have lots of mint duplicate skateboard stickers so I decided to start a store and share the wealth!

Most of the stickers for sale are well over 20 years old, quite rare, and most likely will never be available here once sold. So many stickers from the good old skating days were destroyed and lost for good.

How I began collecting. When I was 14, World Industries & Blind hit the scene and I was crazy for them. I snapped up all their junk ... boards, shirts, videos, and obviously stickers. I had to have every sticker! I expanded my collecting into different company pro-model stickers: H-street, Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, Zorlac. I acquired piles of stickers and carefully stored them in shoe boxes. I remember plastering stickers everywhere ... on the front of school desks, my boards, binders, dogs, in the mall, washrooms, anywhere!

There you have it. From one skate sticker junkie to another! Enjoy the site.

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