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Blair here. I started skateboarding in the summer of 1988 and just a few months later began collecting skateboard stickers. I have always been captivated by the incredible deck graphics, intense colors, and the reasons why pros select specific designs for their pro-models. My collection began with the iconic Powell Peralta stickers, then moved to Santa Cruz, Santa Monica Airlines, H-street, World Industries, Blind, Vision Alva, Zorlac, you get the idea. I had to have it all!

Today I own a vast collection of around 500 vintage skateboard stickers I cherish and will never sell. Back in golden age when most kids were sticking them everywhere, I was hoarded these gems away in shoe boxes. It's always a nostalgic trip back in time when sifting through my collection.

In 2005, I started an online gallery showcasing many stickers from skateboarding's top companies. A year later, I built the e-commerce site to share the wealth because there are many other passionate collectors like me. Most of the stickers for sale are well over 25 years old now, some very rare, and once sold may never be available again. Many stickers from the old days have been destroyed and lost for good.

There you have it. From one skate sticker junkie to another! Enjoy the site.

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