Shipping & Costs

I charge one flat rate for shipping & handling: $6.25. Order 1 sticker or 50 stickers, located in Toronto or Italy, same price. I also track all orders over $100 at no extra cost to you.

Quality. I pack all sticker orders inside a firmly sealed cardboard case. Why the case? Sometime mail gets bumped around too much during transit, this insures your order remains safe. Also worth noting: sexy recycled envelopes - very irresistible!

Time Frame. I ship orders the same day as payment. I cannot guarantee an exact arrival time, but generally most orders take anywhere from 5-12 business days. Depends how lazy the post office is.

Care. Before handling each order, I wash my hands thoroughly. I am always concerned about tracking any debit or grease to the rare stickers. That's the OCD in me, but I'll tell you one thing ... my stickers are pristine!

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