Do you buy stickers?
I sometimes buy stickers. They have to be mint, and your offer has to be fair. Too many times people want the same prices I sell for. I cannot offer you anywhere near that (in business terms that's called retail). I have store overhead costs and inventory risk. Stickers are not iPhones (meaning they don't fly off the shelf) it's takes a lovematch to find the right buyer for the right sticker. Tell me what you have (pics are great) and what you are asking. Don't let the clouds of greed get in the way of your judgement. At least here you get stickers into the rightful owners hands

If you have mint stickers from this era, email me: sales@retroskatestickers.com.

What's up with Creating a Profile?
In order to purchase stickers a User Profile must be filled out. Without that I wouldn't be able to mail your order! I only collect the bare minimum requirements, and it takes about 1 minute. Good news: No blood samples are required.

Is your website Secure?
Yes. I use industry standard SSL on this website so all sensitive information is passed cryptically (safe). The only way your information would be compromised is if someone was standing behind you watching you type ... so take a look!

How long does my sticker order take to get to me?
All orders vary but I see 5-11 business days to be the norm. Orders outside of the USA, add 5 days. I

Will you offer me any girl advice?
I offer girl advice 24-7. I happen to understand the female and what motivates her. Here's a few simple and impactful requirements to remember: Be open minded and listen (really listen), communicate well, compliment, hug, smile, wait with her at the bus stop, and surprise her with skate stickers!

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