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Latest vintage sticker added to my gallery

The Julien Stranger Lowrider is a true reflection of 1990. We all know one kid that actually wanted a lowrider like this.

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It doesn't surpise me that the Jason Jessee Neptune sold for $67 because this vintage sticker is a must have for a Santa Cruz fans.

The Screaming Hand sticker

Nothing short of iconic in skateboarding culture. Hands down one of my favourites! I have originals and re-issues for sale in my store.

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Lucero rules

All you old school skaters will remember this Lucero graphic. I had this shirt back in the day, it used to confuse all the jocks.

jeff kendall

Jeff Kendall Graffiti

This artwork is outstanding. Everytime you look at it you'll notice new interesting details.

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Built to Grind

Like Coca~Cola, Independent has not fiddled much with thier logo since inception. Indy Trucks have always been the best. Many for sale here

Rodney Mullen is #1

The first sticker added to The Rodney Mullen chess graphic from 1986. One of the true greats!

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