How to buy stickers at my store.
In order to purchase stickers a User Profile must be created, it takes less than one minute. Without that, I wouldn't be able to mail your order! I only collect the bare minimum information such as mailing address. I accept Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal and no credit card information is stored with us.

How much is shipping?
Flat rate price is $6.50 to anywhere in the world. No limit on size and I will ship anywhere in the world. Free tracking on orders over $100 to ensure a safe delivery. Never lost an order ever since 2005.

How long do sticker orders take to get to me?
All orders vary but I see 5-11 business days to the US to be the norm. Orders outside of the USA, add 5 days. I ship from Canada to anywhere in the world.

Do you buy stickers?
Yes, all the details can be found on the sticker buy page.

Is your website Secure?
Yes. I use industry standard SSL on this website so all sensitive information is passed cryptically (safe). The only way your information would be compromised is if someone was standing behind you watching you type... so please take a look!

Do you offer relationship advice?
Here's a few simple and impact tips to remember: Be open minded and listen (really listen), compliment, compromise, don't yell, hug, smile, wait with her at the bus stop, jot down gift ideas, and surprise them with skate stickers!

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